Hydrographic Features

The following is a listing of some water related landmarks that were or are in Polk County Iowa.

  Des Moines River (a.k.a. Keosauqua River)
  Raccoon River (a.k.a. Mococe Creek)
  Skunk River  (a.k.a. Gaston's River))
  North River (a.k.a. Upper Three River, Eagle Creek)

  Four Mile Creek
  Nourse's Creek
  Dailey's Run
  Bird's Run
  Frink Creek
  Lizard Creek
  Closses Creek
  Rocklyn Creek
  Willow Creek
  Fraley's Ditch
  Big Creek
  Spring Creek
  Walnut Creek
  Spring Creek (a.k.a."The Brook"), in Chatauqua Park
  Yeader Creek
  Little Four Mile Creek
  Blue Creek
  Jordan Creek
  Fox Creek
  Little Walnut Creek
  Beaver Creek (a.k.a. Molocco River)
  East Four Mile Creek
  Mud Creek
  Saylor Creek
  Indian Creek
  Camp Creek
  Elm Creek
  Little Beaver Creek
  Swan Brook Creek
  Little Creek
  Mosquito Creek
  White Oak Creek
  Byer's Run
  Rock Creek
  Otter Creek
  Deer Creek
  Crawford Creek
  Honey Creek
  Brown's Run
  Ash Creek
  Living History Creek
  Muchikinock Creek
  Walfrey Creek
  Wolf Creek

  Olin Lake (a.k.a. Lake Halice)
  Easter Lake
  Saylorville Lake
  Pleasant Lake (later called Towner Lake)
  Big Creek Lake
  Country Club Lake
  Canary Lake
  Horseshoe Lake (pioneer location)
  Horshoe Lake (present day location)
  Plum Lake
  Mann's Lake (a.k.a. Echo Lake & Willow Lake, Zoo Lake, and Riverview Park
  Lake Tac Hussey
  Elizabeth Lake
  Greenwood Park Lagoon
  Dailey's Lake
  Engeldenger Marsh
  Maffit Reservoir
  Gray's Lake
  Avon Lake (a.k.a. Clearwater Lake)
  Dean's Lake
  Brook's Lake
  Horrabin Quarry
  Swan Lake
  Cases Lake
  Fisher Lake
  Sunset Beach
  Terra Lake
  Parkview Lake
  Mink Slough
  Round Lake
  Ham's Lake (or Hamm's Lake)
  San-Tan Beach
  Arrowhead Lake (Wabash Gravel Pit)
  Buxton's Pond
  Elmer Clark's pond
  White's Lake
  Sherman Lake
  Witmer Park Lake
  Rieman's Pond
  Garrett Pond
  Lake Ann
  Stiver's Lake
  Lost Lake
  Country Club Lake
  Sylvan Lake (now Spring Creek)
  Brenton Slough

  Boatman's Island
  King Jethrow's Island
  9 Acre Island
  Lover's Island
  Newcomer's Island

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